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Brace options available to Brits


There are many options available to those looking for teeth braces.

There are a number of options open to individuals who may need braces and they have been discussed by dental health magazine WorlDental.

It reported that people with misaligned teeth often suffer from pain in the jaw, an inability to chew properly, headaches and a lack of confidence, but orthodontic braces could help to resolve many of these issues.

The publication stated that braces work by “applying continued pressure over a usually long period of time to slowly move the teeth to a specific location”.

Indeed, the range of braces currently available include those which are worn all the time – such as face bow headgear – to those that are more discrete, such as Invisalign braces.

Elsewhere, figures from the Hospital Group recently revealed that the number of men seeking braces over the last two years has grown by more than 700 per cent.

The report showed that this was not the only treatment that has gained in popularity over recent months, with teeth whitening and the use of dental implants also becoming more widely used procedures during 2009.

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