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Woman’s teeth form ‘fangs’ after gum disease is left untreated


A 49-year-old woman has developed fang-like teeth after a case of serious gum disease went untreated despite repeated check-ups at the dentist. Charlotte Bateman said she knew something was ‘seriously wrong’ when her gums bled profusely with each visit to the dentist but the dentist treating her did not deal with the problem accordingly.

After years of visiting the dentist with no results, Ms Bateman was finally diagnosed with severe periodontal disease in 2011 after a trip to an orthodontist revealed bone loss beneath her teeth. By the time the condition was diagnosed, Charlotte’s teeth had formed into ‘fangs’ and her gums had drawn back from the teeth dramatically. She says she had ‘raised concerns’ about the problem and was embarrassed to be seen in public after a friend who had not seen her in some time appeared ‘visibly shocked’ by the way her teeth looked.

Ms Bateman, a baker from Collington in Herefordshire, has been awarded £25,000 in compensation and she plans to put this towards treating the condition, although it is likely that she will lose the affected teeth in the future.

Her dental surgery did not admit liability and the practice manager at Smith, Holloman and Associated said that ‘due to patient confidentiality’ they could not comment on the case.

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