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Smoking ‘bad for oral health’


Brits have been warned of the dangers of smoking in terms of their oral health.

Dental health professionals have told smokers that the habit could be harming their oral health.

Dr Robert MacGregor told the Vancouver Sun that smoking can lead to an array problems, most of which will impact on the gums, as well as weakening the mouth’s defences against other oral health issues.

“Smokers need to be aware that they’re also contending with gum disease, periodontal disease, loss of jawbone density, loss of teeth and oral cancer as well,” he commented.

Elsewhere, individuals worried about harming their teeth through teeth whitening treatments have been reassured that as long as the procedure is carried out by a professional then they have nothing to worry about.

A study carried out in the US has shown that the average levels of hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening treatments is 38 per cent and at this level, even after repeated procedures, the structure of the enamel of the tooth will be unaffected.

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