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Myths about gum disease dispelled


Gum disease facts for those who do not understand the affliction.

A number of common misconceptions surrounding gum disease have been dispelled by the American Academy of Periodontology. gum disease

The organisation noted that anyone who has bleeding gums should be aware that this is one of the earliest signs of gum disease and could be an indicator of other underlying dental health issues.

In addition, it addressed the issue that a tooth lost to gum disease cannot be replaced. This is not the case, as advances in dental technology – such as dental implants – now mean these teeth can be replaced.

Elsewhere, research carried out by Professor Saso Ivanovski at Brisbane’s Griffith University has shown that harvested cells surrounding ligaments around the teeth of sufferers can be used to regenerate lost tissue, ABC News reported.

He noted that one in ten sufferers of gum disease end up losing teeth and this treatment could be one way of addressing this statistic.

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