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Healthy teeth ‘being neglected’


Oral health is being neglected by many, it has been claimed.

Maintaining a healthy smile is one area that is being neglected in modern society, it has been claimed.

Dr Lee Soon Boon has told that while overall good health remains a priority for many, the mouth is one area where people are avoiding seeing a medical professional on a regular basis.

Indeed, the fact that many people lead busy lives should not get in the way of good oral health.

He commented: “Cavities or dental caries and gingivitis are prevalent not just among the young but in adults and the older people as well. Many people don’t realise oral health is an integral part of one’s overall health.”

Elsewhere, Bob Manus, an analyst at the NYU School of Dentistry, recently said that Brits who suffer from gum disease could be at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

He stated that gum disease can be very unpleasant and can lead to people losing their teeth.

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