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Gum disease: A major health threat


Gum disease can cause many health problems for a person.

Gum disease or gingivitis poses a major threat to a person’s health if left unchecked, it has been claimed.gum disease

When the illness becomes acute, toxins created by bacteria in the mouth could enter the bloodstream, causing problems throughout the body, including increased risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Signs of gingivitis include gums that bleed easily even with gentle brushing, bright red or red-purple colour to the gums, bad breath, swollen gums that may be tender to the touch and abscesses.

Periodontist Dr Roger Parkes noted: “Periodontal disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in people over the age of 30 and has also been linked to osteoporosis, lung problems, diabetes and premature births.”

Elsewhere, Dental Plans recently reported research published in the US journal Pediatric Dentistry revealed the breakfast foods that was found to be the most damaging to the teeth are those which contain both raisons and bran, as they lead to the creation of the greatest amount of acid in the mouth.

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