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Flossing ‘helps overall health’


Flossing could help people to stay healthy.

A study published by the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London has shown a link between poor memory and tooth loss – a condition which could be averted through the daily use of floss.

Dr Nigel Carter, head of the British Dental Health Foundation, said the findings were interesting and are helping to highlight the importance of good oral health and the benefits this can bring to overall wellbeing.

He told the Independent that this research will “add to a growing list of evidence of the wide-ranging systemic links relating to poor oral health”.

Elsewhere, Dr Robert MacGregor recently told the Vancouver Sun that one of the biggest threats to oral health is smoking and that most of the damage caused to an individual will be in their gums.

He argued that periodontal disease, loss of jawbone density, loss of teeth and oral cancer are all possible outcomes of the habit.

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