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Dentists ‘help fix bad breath’


Bad breath is a problem that dentists could help solve.

Dental professionals could help people tackle any problems they have with halitosis, it has been claimed.

US dentist Dr Joel Miller of Aesthetic Dentistry of Valencia told his local publication that there are a number of options available to help address this issue, including a number of mouth washes, as it can be a touchy issue for many.

Dr Miller told Homestation News: “Sometimes their spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend will push them to take are of it.”

However, he noted that there is no replacement for having a regular oral health routine in place to ensure any food debris is removed from the mouth daily.

Elsewhere, Irwin Smigel, creator of Supersmile, recently told the Daily Beauty Reporter blog from Allure that some of the most important ways to keep teeth healthy and bright are to brush regularly and to consume the recommended eight glasses of water every day.

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