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Kim Kardashian debuts dramatic transformation


Compared to her appearance seven years ago, reality regular Kim Kardashian is virtually unrecognisable, with paler skin, a higher hair line, and altered cheek bones that completely changed the shape of her face. Although she has admitted to using Botox in the past, Kim has vowed that she would never have it done again and she flatly denies any surgical procedures – despite the fact she is 33-years-old and has less wrinkles now than in 2006.

Kim stepped out for a walk with her fiancé on Monday in New York and showed off an impressively flawless complexion. The mother-of-one has recently been spotted leaving a spa in Los Angeles with a clear mask applied to her face after undergoing beauty treatment, but she’s keeping tight lipped about whether this included facial injections.

After her experiment with Botox in 2009, Kim said she would not undergo the procedure again when she suffered an allergic reaction and ended up with severe bruising as a result of the injections. She told her family later ‘I’m never doing this again… at least not until I’m 40.’ However, she was later forced to deny rumours that she was still getting Botox injections whilst pregnant with her daughter North, in May this year a spokesperson for the star said ‘It’s absurd and NOT true!’

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