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Woman undergoes ‘lunch-hour nose job’ using dermal fillers


A 23-year-old woman has gone through a ‘lunch-hour nose job’ to straighten out a bump in her nose that has caused her years of self-esteem issues. Nichola Mahoney was involved in an accident with a netball when she was just ten years old and a bump in her nose developed soon after; she suffered bullying at school and hoped to treat the problem when she was older. Miss Mahoney found that her relationships were affected by her lack of confidence and says that even when people told her the bump was not visible she would not believe them.

Miss Mahoney was so desperate to fix her nose that she even considered breaking it deliberately so that she could have it reshaped on the NHS rather than getting expensive cosmetic surgery. However, instead of going under the knife, the personal assistant opted for a £600 ‘non-surgical rhinoplasty’ which involves injecting dermal fillers into the skin around the nose to reshape it.

After undergoing the treatment, Miss Mahoney cried tears of joy and says that the results ‘changed her life’, adding that she ‘couldn’t stop looking in the mirror’. She also added ‘I’ve found fresh confidence and I’m no longer afraid to be seen out in public, as I used to be so paranoid that everyone was looking at my nose… I’m so proud of the way I look now.’

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