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Options revealed for a healthy smile


Brits have had a number of options revealed to them on how best to look after their teeth and maintain a bright and healthy smile.

According to the American Dental Association, using teeth whitening toothpastes can help keep teeth pearly white, although they can be more expensive than regular brands and do not always guarantee results, especially if a person smokes or drinks regularly.

Indeed, for a more powerful teeth whitening solution, consumers have been advised to turn to over-the-counter strips or teeth whitening kits, which a person can use at home to improve the brightness of their smile.

Elsewhere, cosmetic dentist Elisa Mello recently told WCBS that anyone suffering from bad breath could easily tackle the problem by chewing sugar-free gum and ensuring they keep themselves well hydrated.

Ms Mello noted that the action of chewing and having lots of water in the system means saliva production is increased, which can help regulate the levels of bacteria in the mouth.

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