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Home teeth whitening ‘is safe’


Take-home teeth whitening treatments are safe to use.

People worried about the safety of take-home teeth whitening kits should rest easy, safe in the knowledge that as long as they are used correctly, they should be fine.

KVAL News reported that Dr Dan Vodvarka, a practicing dental health professional in the US, claimed whitening treatments literally bleach the teeth and therefore they should not be taken lightly by users.

However, as long as the instructions are followed carefully and the product is not over-used, then anyone hoping to whiten their teeth at home should be alright.

He noted that “overall, teeth whitening is a very safe procedure”.

Elsewhere, I-Newswire recently reported the use of teeth whitening gels or strips may be pointless if a person does not carry out a good oral health routine.

Therefore, ensuring teeth are kept clean and healthy will make sure plaque build-up is kept to a minimum and stains and yellowing of teeth can be kept under control.

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