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Woman uses chewing gum to replace lost teeth


Viewers of new makeover show Never Seen A Doctor were stunned to learn that a woman who was so afraid of going to the dentist actually used chewing gum as a substitute for her real teeth, which were lost to decay after she stopped going to visit her dentist.

The woman, known as Sue, showed shocked presenter Katie Piper by explaining that she only has seventeen teeth left and instead of getting a denture she used chewing gum dipped in coffee to fill the space left by her missing front teeth. Sue demonstrated how she used the gum to fill the gaps, squashing it into the space after dipping it in coffee to match it to the dark shade of her remaining natural teeth.

After the show managed to arrange dental treatment for her, Sue was given six months of treatment to replace her lost teeth, allowing her to ditch the chewing gum solution and get her smile back. Sue met with Katie to unveil her new teeth after the treatment was complete and the difference was obvious – viewers were quickly on Twitter to voice their surprise at the improvement in Sue’s appearance, as well as her dental health.


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