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US woman wakes up after wisdom tooth surgery believing she is in Scotland


The mother of a woman who underwent wisdom tooth removal has posted a video of the aftermath online, after her daughter heard a Scottish accent and, under the influence of general anaesthetic, became convinced that she was in Scotland, even though she was in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The woman, Kelsie Kopicki, was coming round from her tooth extraction surgery and despite reassurances that she was still in the US she remained adamant that she was in fact in Scotland after hearing her Scottish boyfriend Liam speaking in a North Ayrshire accent. Liam, 25, can be heard chuckling behind the camera as his confused girlfriend tries to figure out why she has been given treatment in Scotland. Kelsie, 21, speaks to her mother through the camera, apologising for getting the treatment done so far away from home and says she ‘didn’t even know’ what was going on at the time.

Kelsie seems confused about her partners Scottish accent, insisting that they are still in Scotland, where the pair recently visited for a holiday. Even though Liam tries to reassure her that they are back in America, she continues to apologise to her mother for not telling her she was leaving the country. Kelsie’s mother Maria posted the video online because she thinks it is ‘hilarious’ and called Liam ‘a fine young man’ for the way he has cared for her daughter post-surgery.


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