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Toddler survives two-storey fall – but may have needed emergency dentistry


A tot who fell from a window needed emergency dentistry, but nothing else.A 21-month-old child has miraculously survived a fall from a two-storey window, with a little emergency dentistry the only treatment he required afterwards.

Firefighters in the Scotts Valley area of California were called to a house after a little boy apparently knocked a screen out of a window and fell out.

He bounced off a car parked in the driveway below, but was unharmed apart from a chipped tooth and a few cuts to his face.

Neighbours and the authorities said he was lucky to have survived the 15ft fall and that his family was a little shaken up by the incident after the child was released from hospital.

The California Dental Association sponsored legislation in 2006 which requires all children to be provided with a dental check-up in kindergarten or first grade, so this particular toddler may be able to provide healthcare practitioners with an interesting story when he is a little older.

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