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Tips offered on how to maximise the chances of emergency dentistry working


Would you know what to do to help with emergency dentistry if someone knocked their tooth out? Anyone who has had their tooth knocked out or chipped may be interested in some tips on how to maximise the chances of emergency dentistry working.

WSOC TV cited advice from the American Dental Association, which states that teeth or fragments may be reattached if certain measures are followed and the help of a professional is sought in time.

Firstly, with chipped teeth, it is important to find the fragment if possible and put it in a plastic bag with a few drops of water to stop it drying out.

Then, put an ice pack on the affected gum and go for emergency dentistry.

Meanwhile, for knocked out teeth, pick them up by the crown and try not to touch the roots.

"Gently rinse the tooth in water and place it back in the socket to keep the base moist," WSOC TV states.

A glass of milk or water will do if this is not possible, which should then be taken to a dentist.

"The sooner a lost tooth is treated, the greater the likelihood of a successful reattachment," the website commented.

Dentist Dr Philip Friel recently told the Scottish Daily Record that people who chip their teeth need not worry, because simple cosmetic dentistry could correct the problem easily.


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