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Teeth-grinding ‘needs treatment to prevent dental problems’


Teeth-grinding 'needs treatment to prevent dental problems'Teeth-grinding has been noted as an usual reason why people suffer from lack of sleep.

Analysing different reasons why individuals suffer from poor quality of slumber, the Daily Mail quoted sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley, who said there is not a serious cause to the problem.

While he stated that it is mainly down to genetics but can be brought on by stress, the newspaper explained that it can result in some people grinding their teeth down to stumps, which could require emergency dentistry.

"Treatment is important, as people who grind their teeth have dental problems but also tension headaches," said Dr Stanley.
Methods of dealing with the problem were stated to be wearing a gum shield, or dealing with the cause of underlying stress.

The condition, which is also known as bruxism, is thought to affect around one in ten people, with symptoms including premature wear on the tooth enamel and aching jaws in the morning.


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