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‘Take care at Halloween’ to avoid emergency dentistry


Avoid emergency dentistry on Halloween.   People intending to join in the festivities of Halloween later this month should take care of their teeth if they want to avoid emergency dentistry.

This is the advice of Dr Gilbert Snow from Los Angeles, who told that some dentists report an increase in activity of between ten and 20 per cent after October 31st each year because so many people damage their teeth.

He pointed out that sweets, bobbing for apples and over-cooked party food can also result in chipped teeth and lost molars.

Dr Snow said both children and adults should take extra care on Halloween when it comes to brushing and flossing, as well as removing sweets that are too hard from trick or treat bags.

In August 2010, Tufts University professor of nutrition and oral health Carole Palmer recommended limiting the total time that sugar spends in your mouth to prevent cavities.

“Remember, of course, that gulping down sugar may not be wonderful for the rest of your body either,” she added.

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