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Swimming regularly ‘could result in emergency dentistry’


Swimming could result in emergency dentistry.People who swim regularly should take care to ensure their teeth are not damaged so much that they are left needing emergency dentistry.

This is the advice of Louise Chidlow from the British Dental Health Foundation, who told the Daily Mail that a recent study of 500 swimmers found 66 per cent had damaged teeth.

"Chlorine affects the pH of the water and makes it acidic, so swallowing it can lead to tooth erosion," she explained.

The expert added that exposure to the water can also make teeth look yellow by stripping away the enamel and exposing the darker-coloured dentine underneath.

In order to prevent emergency dentistry, people who take a dip in the pool regularly were advised to keep their mouth shut and avoid brushing straight afterwards, as the enamel may be softer then.

Earlier this month, the Irish Times reported research from scientists in the US and Denmark which found that those who snack during the night could be at risk of damaging their teeth.


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