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Sweets enjoyed in moderation ‘can help to avoid emergency dentistry’


Consuming confectionary moderately can reduce the need for emergency dentistry, a doctor has said.Eating sweets in reasonable quantities is a good way to avoid a trip to the dentist for some emergency dentistry, an expert has said.

Dr Karen Collins of the American Institute for Cancer Research said scientific studies have shown that when it comes to confectionary consumption, limiting variety is an effective way of keeping teeth in good condition.

Writing on MSN Health & Fitness, Dr Collins highlighted one study in particular which revealed that after two weeks of eating chocolate twice a day, 15 to 30 minutes after a meal, chocolate cravers experienced a reduction in their desire for confectionary.

"The researchers suggested that regularly using chocolate to satisfy hunger teaches us to crave it," she commented. "If true, that could apply to other sweets too."

Dr Collins added that people with sweet teeth should try as much as possible not to focus on the treats they are trying to avoid, but should instead divert their attention to non food-related strategies to tackle stress.

A recent survey reported on found that there is an increase in demand for cosmetic dentistry work during Halloween as sweets accumulated by trick or treaters take their toll.

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