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Study shows an increased risk of heart disease from untreated tooth infections


The Journal of Dental Research has published new findings that suggest a link between untreated tooth infections and increased risk of heart disease. The findings show that people leaving infections untreated are around 2.7 times likelier to have heart related illnesses, such as, coronary artery disease as opposed to patients that have their infections treated.

It is estimated that coronary diseases contribute to around thirty percent of global deaths, which is making these findings a step in the right direction to lowering the risks. Based on the findings, the Oral Health Foundation have urged patients to attend regular dental appointments, especially if they are displaying symptoms such as, bleeding gums, sensitivity or toothache. The CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, was quoted as saying, “This research is very worrying as tooth infections are initially caused by tooth decay, which is triggered by poor oral hygiene routines and a diet high in sugar.”

Other research undertaken in the past has also linked issues with oral health to other serious conditions, which include, Alzheimer’s, complications in pregnancy and diabetes. The new findings just further concur the importance of good dental health and hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for overall health and wellbeing.




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