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Scraping the tongue could beat bad breath


Is your tongue giving you bad breath?Taking the time out to scrape your tongue during your emergency dentistry prevention regime could help to beat bad breath.

Adam Fox from, writing for Fox News, explained that halitosis could be occurring as a result of bacteria accumulating on the tongue, which then stays in the mouth and causes the foul smell.

"Rather than just moving that stench-ridden sludge around your mouth with a toothbrush, use a tongue scraper to completely remove it," he urged.

NHS Choices states that as much as half of the UK population suffer from persistent halitosis.

Meanwhile, Britons may be encouraged to cover their toothbrush in the bathroom after Mr Fox pointed out a particularly disgusting fact.

He explained that not only is the moist air of the bathroom a breeding ground for germs, but some may fly out of the toilet with each flush and land on toothbrushes.

The writer recommended keeping them in a cabinet to let them completely dry out and avoid this problem.

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