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Rise in VAT ‘could lead to decrease in emergency dentistry cases’


Fewer cases of emergency dentistry could be an unexpected result of the recent VAT rise. An oral healthcare expert has said that he hopes the recent rise in VAT will lead to fewer cases of emergency dentistry in the UK.

According to Kennedy's Confection magazine editor, companies like Cadbury's and Mars are to cut the sizes of their chocolate bars in order to keep prices the same, with a packet of Maltesers to fall from 140g to 120g, reports.

British Dental Health Foundation chief executive Dr Nigel Carter told the website that he hopes this may have a positive knock-on effect on emergency dentistry due to the reduction of sugar consumption.

"A sweet treat for the taste buds creates an acid attack for the teeth. In turn, too frequent consumption of any confectionery could lead to a mouth of decayed teeth," he pointed out.

Back in August 2010, Tufts University professor of nutrition and oral health Carole Palmer warned people that sipping sugary drinks slowly rather than drinking them in one go could lead to more tooth decay, Time magazine reported.

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