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Preventative plans ‘could help people avoid emergency dentistry’


Emergency dentistry will be the result of neglecting teeth in the long term.Going to the dentist regularly and keeping up with a good oral health regime could help people to avoid needing emergency dentistry.

This is the advice of Dr Michael McCarty, owner of Austin Smiles in the US, who said everyone is guilty of not flossing or brushing properly once in a while, but taking teeth for granted is not a good idea in the long run.

He explained that seeing a dentist regularly will help people to understand the importance of caring for their teeth properly and could be the difference between needing emergency dentistry later in life and not.

“Comprehensive dental plans not only aim to maintain healthy teeth, but also healthy gums, tongue and overall mouth,” Dr McCarty added.

Last month, Ken Schweifler of the Los Angeles Town Crier urged people not to let their anxiety of going to the dentist get in the way of good oral health, insisting that preventative treatments are necessary in reducing the likelihood of emergency dentistry.

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