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People with tongue piercings again warned over emergency dentistry risk


Having your tongue pierced could lead to you needing emergency dentistry.People who choose to have their tongue pierced have again been warned about the potential risk of needing emergency dentistry in the future.

Earlier this month, a study by New York’s University of Buffalo found those who push the stud against their teeth could eventually develop a need for invisible braces, as it may create large gaps.

Now, Professor Stephen Porter, institute director at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, has said piercings could also cause a range of other dental problems.

“The stud can crack off fillings, particularly in the upper jaw, crack off cusps on the inner aspect of the upper teeth,” he explained. “I don’t think it’s the most sensible thing to do.”

Professor Porter also said having this part of the body pierced could also cause blocked airways, as the tongue is a muscle that will react to trauma.

The NHS website also warns it could cause significant blood loss and the chipping away of tooth enamel.


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