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Lower social classes ‘may look at oral health differently’


People from deprived social classes may be more likely to need emergency dentistry, it has been suggested.

Many people may already be aware of the importance of brushing twice a day and taking care of their oral health to ensure that they do not have to go for any emergency dentistry.

However, one expert has pointed out that people living in deprived areas of the country may have different attitudes towards this than those living in more upmarket regions.

Peter Ward, trustee of the Shirley Glasstone Hughes Trust Fund, claimed that “much-needed evidence” is required to assess how people from different socio-economic groups view oral health.

“No substantive evidence currently exists and the trust is now looking to commission primary research in this important area,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Karen Coates, a dental adviser for the British Dental Health Foundation, recently told the Express that although there are plenty of home teeth-whitening kits available, the procedure is often much better when it is carried out by a professional dentist.

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