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London dentists ‘can help reduce chance of developing disease’


Good oral hygiene can help lower people's chances of developing other types of illnesses News that good oral hygiene can help lower peoples' chances of developing other types of illnesses could see cosmetic dentists in London enjoying full appointment books.

According to The Now News, there is research which shows a "direct link" between how healthy our teeth and gums are and how healthy our body is in general. The source noted that suffering from gum disease can increase the risk of developing conditions including diabetes, respiratory trouble and heart problems.

In older people, tooth and gum disease is one of the most common dental problems, it noted. The warning signs of this condition can be flagged up by regular visits to a cosmetic dentistry practitioner and as such, people should take a trip to their London dentist every six months or so.

Those who enjoy a diet rich in omega-3 can benefit from a lower risk of developing gum disease, Dr Kenneth Mukamal from the Harvard Medical School told Reuters last year.

The doctor and his team looked into the dental health of more than 9,000 people as part of a study and found that those who had eaten "intermediate or high amounts" of omega-3 fatty acids – which are found in fish – were less likely to have the condition.


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