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Lindsay Lohan ‘being brave after emergency dentistry’


Emergency dentistry has not fazed Lindsay Lohan. Reports have emerged that Lindsay Lohan has had emergency dentistry in order to treat dental problems.

According to, the actress had surgery earlier this week and has since been spending some time with her estranged father Michael, with photographs showing her opening her mouth to display her treatment for him.

"She had teeth removed and won't even take any painkillers for the pain," a friend of Lohan commented, although they did not reveal exactly what she had done.

The source added that this is in contrast to five months ago, when the actress had her wisdom teeth removed and opted to take powerful painkiller Dilaudid.

Earlier this week, Louis Rafetto, chair of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons told that having wisdom teeth removed could result in better oral hygiene and fewer dental complaints afterwards.

Many people do not have room in their mouths for wisdom teeth, which may be why Lohan opted to have hers removed.

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