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Last-chance syndrome ‘could result in emergency dentistry’


Could all those trifles and yule logs cause a need for emergency dentistry? Falling victim to last-chance syndrome could leave you vulnerable to needing emergency dentistry soon, festive revellers have been warned.

Writing for, dentists Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz said this is the temptation to have a blowout on sweet snacks before the diet kicks in come new year.

However, they pointed out that the combination of sugar and starch in many foods at this time of year can be especially damaging to teeth.

"It creates a kind of superplaque that is up to five times harder, stickier and more acidic than the gunk (are we getting too technical here?) made without much starch," the experts explained.

To beat last-chance syndrome, Dr Roizen and Dr Oz suggested avoiding fizzy drinks in favour of cranberry juice which helps to neutralise acid in the mouth.

They also recommended always brushing and flossing before bedtime to cut the chances of decay.

Last month, scientists at the University of Rochester also recommended cranberries as ideal plaque-fighters thanks to the bacteria-fighting substances they contain.


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