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Kylie’s boyfriend rushed to emergency dentist


Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend rushed to emergency dentist.

The boyfriend of popstar Kylie Minogue – Andres Valesco – had to be rushed to an emergency dentist at a family event recently. kylie's dentist

Kylie’s family had gathered in Melbourne at a party for her grandmother who turned 90.

However, the celebration was cut short for Kylie and her beau when Andres had to be rushed to an emergency dentist with a mystery tooth ailment.

Approximately 60 people attended the get-together, including Kylie’s sister and X Factor judge Dannii Minogue.

Elsewhere, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was recently rushed to hospital after suffering a fractured nose and broken teeth in an assault at a rally in Milan.

Milanese authorities arrested his assailant Massimo Tartaglia, who had struck the PM with a replica of Milan’s cathedral.

A spokesperson for Mr Berlusconi commented at the time: “This campaign of hatred has been building quite rapidly recently and I am not surprised that what happened tonight took place.”

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