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Kerry Katona undergoes wisdom tooth removal


Reality star Kerry Katona has revealed she is in agony following dental surgery to remove several of her teeth; the former Atomic Kitten singer shared her experience with her Twitter followers and revealed that she was suffering a lot of pain after the wisdom teeth were removed.

The mother-of-five tweeted that she was ‘in soooo much pain’ after having her back teeth removed and added that her youngest child, DJ, was having trouble sleeping as well; she posted a picture of the pair, with little Dylan Jorge drinking milk from a bottle. She added some angry face emoji’s to demonstrate how she was feeling after the surgery.

Earlier in the day Kerry posted some cheerful pictures of herself having her hair done at the salon, including one of her stylist smiling broadly to show off her dental braces. The picture was captioned ‘Having my hair put back in…’ apparently showing Kerry getting extensions attached.

However, later on Kerry’s mood seemed to have taken a turn for the worse after her teeth were taken out and she described a sleepless night with her daughter, thanks to pain from her dental surgery.


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