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Jodie Marsh hits back at TV presenter Holly Willoughby over This Morning appearance


Viewers were quick to call This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby ‘mean’ after she let guest Jodie Marsh go through an entire interview with dark red lipstick on her teeth and did not point it out to her. Some labelled it ‘bad girl code’ on social media sites while the interview was going on.

Now Jodie has spoken about the incident and said that she wants to ‘turn today into a positive rather than dwell on a negative’ in a video posted on YouTube. The former model said that ‘someone’ should have told her so that she could clean the lipstick off her teeth and save her some embarrassment. She also added ‘I definitely would have told someone I was interviewing but maybe that’s just me.’

Although she was embarrassed about the make-up faux pas, Jodie also complained that she was not given enough air time to talk about herself as she is now, with presenters Holly and Phillip instead focusing on her past and the person she was fifteen years ago, rather than who she is now. In closing, she added ‘I just wasn’t happy with how it went’.


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