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Isle of Man could soon be a hotspot for emergency dentistry needs


People on the Isle of Man could soon need emergency dentistry.People on the Isle of Man need to improve their oral health or face emergency dentistry later on.

This is the advice of health professionals after it was revealed that islanders have worse levels of tooth decay than in the north-west of England, the poorest-scoring area in the UK, reports.

It was discovered that around half of all five-year-olds living on the Isle of Man had active tooth decay, with two or more teeth either missing or filled.

Meanwhile, an average of 20 children each month have four or more teeth taken out due to decay and 350 youngsters a year need corrective treatment such as invisible braces.

Norman McGregor Edwards, director of health strategy and performance, said: “Dental health on the island is still poorer than it should be. We need people to understand oral health and take responsibility for themselves and their families.”

People all over the world may have an added incentive to brush their teeth properly after it was found by the University of Bristol that poor oral hygiene could cause heart attacks, as well as a need for emergency dentistry.

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