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Hi-tech toothbrush can clean teeth in just ten seconds


Dentists recommend brushing our teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time if we are to keep our teeth and gums healthy, but for those that don’t have time in the morning or before bed there is a new solution that could lower the time spent brushing to just ten seconds.

A new brush called GlareSmile has been invented to clean the teeth as quickly and efficiently as possible; inventors claim it can save so much time because it uses three separate brush heads to clean the entire surface of the tooth in a matter of seconds.

GlareSmile inventors have described the brush as ‘the first electric toothbrush which works 100% automatically on your teeth, guaranteeing the correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds.’ It also has an internal memory that keeps track of when the brush is used and it can be linked with an app so users are fully aware of their brushing habits. As well as brushing, the invention has a UV light to kill bacteria on the teeth and gums.

The Italian firm is currently looking for financing on investment site Kickstarter to push the project forward and begin manufacturing the brush for distribution.



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