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Flossing ‘is an essential way to prevent emergency dentistry’


Flossing is essential in the prevention of emergency dentistry. Regular flossing has been highlighted as an essential way of preventing emergency dentistry by one source.

In response to a query about whether or not doing this each day is really necessary, Reader’s Digest said it is useful for people who want to keep their body and teeth healthy.

The article pointed out that flossing can not only get rid of food particles that toothbrushes cannot shift, but it can protect against heart disease, strokes and other serious problems.

“Flossing helps control bacteria that are linked with chronic, body-wide inflammation,” the publication explained.

Reader’s Digest also warned against substituting flossing for simply rinsing with mouthwash, as this will not be as good on its own.

According to Colgate, the best way to floss and prevent emergency dentistry is by using about 18 inches of floss and following the curves of the teeth, making sure to clean beneath the gumline but taking care to avoid snapping it.

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