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Film star: Parents should make sure their kids avoid emergency dentistry


Parents should set a good oral health example to prevent emergency dentistry, one famous face has said. A film star is backing a campaign designed to get parents to focus on oral health, in a bid to prevent their little ones needing emergency dentistry.

Chris O’Donnell told the Kansas City Star that while many people know they should be getting youngsters to brush and floss twice a day, it can be hard to keep on top of it.

“I go through this every night with our kids: The debate over whether or not they have brushed their teeth and if they have done it properly,” he admitted.

O’Donnell is now one of the patrons of the Smiles Across America programme, which provides help for schools and disadvantaged children in the hope of avoiding a need for unnecessary emergency dentistry later in life.

He urged parents to focus on oral health – brushing, flossing and chewing gum after meals – to avoid tooth decay.

Lee Kynaston of Men’s Health recently said people should take care of their gums as well as their teeth if they want to keep them until late in life.

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