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Expert highlights importance of flossing


Expert highlights importance of flossingLifestyle writer Erin Hill has highlighted the importance of flossing regularly to avoid emergency dentistry treatments.

Writing on Plum-Oakmont Patch, Ms Hill stressed that flossing is not as time consuming as most people believe it is and only takes about a minute a day.

"Before, I couldn't take a minute to floss each day, which resulted in having to have three different hour-long appointments to fill my cavities," she wrote.

Many people also believe flossing is an extra financial expense that they can do without, but it there are many cheap flossing products that can be found at popular grocery stores, Ms Hill said.

She also debunked the common misconception that brushing the teeth is a substitute for flossing.

"Brushing doesn't get everything," Ms Hill insisted. "Bacteria that can cause tooth decay still linger between teeth where toothbrush bristles can’t reach."

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