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Ex glamour model, Tracy Kirby, shares her face lift horror


Ex model and actress, Tracy Kirby, found fame in the eighties for her raunchy page three poses, and then went on to star in a number of well known films. The celebrity dropped out of the public eye for a while but has recently received an abundance of media attention over her appearance on the Channel 5 programme, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies.In her pursuit to regain her youthful looks the celeb decided to opt for a non-cosmetic face lift, known as a ‘one stitch face lift’ as she had undergone Botox and lip fillers in the past with no issues.

Unfortunately, the procedure did not go as planned and the scaring she suffered left her looking as though she had been the victim of a knife attack. Red scars and raised bumps where left on the side of her face. As she spoke on the show she explained, “The doctor said [at the time] that it would settle down, but two days later my face was so swollen I couldn’t see out of my eye… he told me, don’t worry, we will just put a couple of threads in and pull it back.”

Talking candidly on the show, she revealed that, following her botched facelift, she fell into depressions, she could not leave the house and was prescribed antidepressants by her GP to help her get through the ordeal. Tracy finally met with plastic surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick, who was able to make drastic improvements to her face and reduce the scarring.The star says that she regrets ever having the procedure as it almost ruined her face.




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