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Emergency dentist required to fix tooth problems


A Swedish dentist has been found to be so bad he had to fix the same tooth 71 times.A dentist in Sweden has been found to have been so bad at his job he had to fix the same tooth 71 times. emergency dentist london


One patient of a Gothenburg dentist had to undergo 151 treatments in six years, as the work carried out did not solve their problems, but instead created new ones.

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare noted that when contacted, the dentist in question failed to provide any patient records or details regarding his qualifications.

Elsewhere, the Nassau Guardian recently reported Dr Chinyere Carey-Bullard of the Advanced Family Medical Center in the Bahamas has advised individuals to eat an apple a day to help keep trips to the emergency dentist to a minimum.

He noted the firm texture and nutrients contained in the fruit help keep oral health in peak condition. In addition, it contains no salt, preservatives or manmade chemicals and is therefore extremely healthy overall.

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