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Dentists express opinions on wisdom tooth removal


Do wisdom teeth need to be removed?  A new survey has revealed the thoughts of dentists in the US when it comes to wisdom teeth.

The poll, published by the Dental Practice Marketing and Management Blog, showed that 20 per cent of oral healthcare practitioners think the third molars should always be removed.

However, 53 per cent said they felt that while wisdom teeth should usually be removed, this does not always need to be the case.

For instance, one dentist reported that he would be happy to leave the wisdom teeth of an 80-year-old woman alone, provided that she was showing no sign of infection.

One professional from New York said it is important to use common sense to decide whether or not an extraction is necessary.

This comes after Dr Robert Williams from the University of Maryland Dental School told the Baltimore Sun that people who have wisdom teeth removed are likely to see fewer problems with mouth infections than those who choose to leave them alone.

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