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Dental professionals issue warning for Halloween


With many children, just hours away from embarking on their trick or treating, dentists have issued a stark warning to parents about taking care of their children’s teeth. Professionals are encouraging parents to be mindful when the abundance of sweets and goodies are collected on this year’s celebration of All Hallows’ Eve.

Professor Nigel Hunt, faculty dean of The Royal College of Surgeons, spoke to the BBC about the issue, “We want to help parents make sensible decisions about letting their children eat sweets at Halloween and all year round.” He also spoke about the ‘horror’ associated with trick or treat sweets and children’s teeth, “Unfortunately, those sweet treats can be a Halloween horror for kids’ teeth, sugar is one of the biggest culprits for nasty tooth decay.”

Prof. Hunt has suggested the following advice for parents, for their own families, and any other children that visit their homes to trick or treat. On the night, parents are advised to encourage their children to save their sweets to eat with a meal, and for anyone calling by, consider giving other treats, such as, balloons or stickers. It is essential that children brush their teeth thoroughly after eating their sweets and before bed, and try to provide water, rather than sugary drinks. With teeth extractions in under tens reaching around one hundred and seventy-nine thousand last year and twenty five percent of three to five year olds suffering from tooth decay, professionals are hopeful that the advice will be followed.



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