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Dental groups’ campaign hopes to reduce emergency dentistry among children


The British Dental Health Foundation has joined an oral health drive.The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) has added its backing to a campaign that aims to reduce the occurrence of emergency dentistry procedures among children.

It is now part of the British Dental Trade Association’s ‘Kick out the sweets, bring on the healthy treats’ drive, part of the government’s Change4Life scheme.

The resources created as part of this initiative are designed to help parents learn how to provide healthy choices for their children and prevent tooth decay.

Chief executive of the BDHF Dr Nigel Carter said he is concerned the UK has developed an unhealthy relationship with sugary drinks and foods.

“Trying to offer other rewards can reap benefits for both dental and general health of the child,” he added.

In August this year, a study by Tufts University professor of nutrition and oral health Carole Palmer found that people who sip sugary drinks slowly throughout the day could be increasing their likelihood of needing emergency dentistry.

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