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Dental care ‘essential for chemotherapy patients’


Chemotherapy patients must look after their oral health.

People undergoing chemotherapy treatments must ensure they maintain a good oral health routine in order to avoid their teeth becoming a problem for them, it has been claimed.

Dental Plans reported US dental professional Dr Steven McConnell said that teeth can become weaker due to the treatment and be more susceptible to decay as a result. Therefore, it is important to brush them regularly and visit a dental professional for regular check-ups to ensure no problems are going undiagnosed.

He commented: “Establishing optimum oral health is important for everyone at any age. After cancer treatment it is imperative.”

Elsewhere, Dr James McAnally, director of the Healthy Heart Dental Program, recently published new evidence highlighting the importance of good oral health in maintaining physical wellbeing.

He noted that taking the time to get regular check-ups from the dentist could dramatically improve a person’s health and increase their lifespan in the process.

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