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Could solar-powered toothbrushes prevent emergency dentistry in future?


A dentist hopes solar-powered toothbrushes will prevent emergency dentistry.A dentist in Canada is hoping that his invention could help to prevent any need for emergency dentistry in the future.

Dr Kunio Komiyama, a dentistry professor at the University of Saskatchewan, has been working on a solar-powered toothbrush for 15 years and has finally perfected a finished model, reports.

What’s more, the expert claims that the toothbrushes will not need toothpaste, because a bacteria and plaque-destroying chemical reaction takes place on the bristles thanks to the solar panels.

“It’s called the Soladey-J3X, it looks pretty cool and may well spell the end of toothpaste as we know it,” enthused Alistair Plumb.

However, since the brushes are still being tested, it is probably wise not to abandon the recommended twice-a-day brushing and flossing regime.

Reader’s Digest recently said flossing is essential for people who want to keep their body and teeth healthy, as it will get rid of food particles that brushing alone will not remove.


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