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Could music help kids avoid emergency dentistry?


Parents could use music to prevent their kids needing emergency dentistry.Music could help children to get into good habits that will prevent a need for emergency dentistry later in life.

In the US, Dental Plans pointed out that kids' songs which feature youngsters or cartoon characters brushing their teeth may encourage little ones to do the same.

For instance, Canadian songwriter Raffi recently created a ditty called Brush Your Teeth – which can be seen on YouTube – that has lyrics that suggest it is a good idea to brush as soon as you get up.

"Incorporating the song into a child's routine dental care may get them used to brushing their teeth every day," the news provider commented.

Last month, cited a study by Philips Sonicare, which showed that 19 per cent of parents do not enforce brushing because they know it will cause an argument and do not want the hassle.

A further 29 per cent admitted allowing little ones to skip brushing because they run out of time in the mornings.

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