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Bruxism Awareness Week hailed for potential to reduce emergency dentistry


Bruxism Awareness Week, which was held recently, could prevent some cases of emergency dentistry.Healthcare professionals have praised the recent Bruxism Awareness Week and its potential to reduce the amount of emergency dentistry necessitated by the condition.

The event was held from October 25th to 31st 2010 and provided information to people all over the UK about the problems caused by excessive teeth grinding, including jaw disorders, headaches, earache and sleep loss, reports.

Organised by dental splints provider S4S, the week also advised people about what they could do to get help if they suffer from bruxism.

Clinicians told the news provider that the awareness week brought the troubling condition into the spotlight and provided useful information for patients and professionals.

A Facebook group started up to coincide with the event now has more than 100 members.

It was recently revealed that Katie Price suffers from bruxism, as she travelled to Los Angeles to have the damage caused to her dental veneers by grinding repaired.

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