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Brushing ‘important for milk teeth’


Brushing children’s teeth twice daily is important as the enamel on milk teeth is less dense than in adult teeth, it has been stated.

My Joy Online reported that the millions of bacteria that live in the mouth can “cause havoc” for milk teeth if they are not regularly brushed away and this can lead to problems such as toothache and decay.

Indeed, the publication noted that once the enamel is weakened, bacteria have access to the softer dentine underneath and this can quickly be eroded, exposing the nerve of the tooth and causing considerable pain.

Elsewhere, the Chicago Tribune recently reported that individuals who suffer from asthma have been advised that using toothpaste designed to tackle sensitive teeth problems could help with their condition.

It revealed that the active ingredient in many of these toothpastes is potassium nitrate – also known as saltpetre – and this was used for many years in the treatment of arthritis and asthma.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19804931-ADNFCR

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