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BDA concerned over rise in online antibiotic sales


The British Dental Association, along with other medical organisations, have raised concerns about the sale of antibiotics through online pharmaceuticals. An investigation carried out by the BBC has highlighted the rise in antibiotics being sold online with no ‘face to face’ appointments. Prescribing medication of this nature without any form of checking or consultation is against national guidelines set by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

Following the investigation findings, there has become a sense of urgency in the need for raising awareness, and to ensure that people know the real consequences and the serious public health threat that AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) poses. It is advised that if patients are suffering from an ailment that they consider might need antibiotics then they should see their dentist or doctor, instead of turning to online pharmaceuticals to self-diagnose symptoms.

As part of the investigation, Faye Kirkland attempted to obtain three varying types of antibiotics from the same online store, citing symptoms for different conditions, one of which was a dental problem. Shockingly, she was able to get all three antibiotics within twenty four hours and the issue was likened to ‘antibiotics being handed out like Smarties.’




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