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Arsenal player suffers dental accident


Arsenal footballer Mikel Arteta suffered tooth loss mid-match this weekend after a first-half collision with George Boyd of Hull City; pitch-side photographers even captured the moment when the players collided and Arteta’s tooth came flying out of the socket.

The two footballers clashed and Arteta caught Boyd’s swinging arm right in the mouth; his front tooth was immediately knocked out and the player was left with a huge space between his front teeth. Hull City’s George Boyd narrowly avoided a caution for the incident despite the photographic evidence of the accident and the subsequent damage to Arteta’s teeth.

Gunners captain Arteta now faces a trip to the dentist to have the tooth replaced but he decided to put dental treatment on hold to help his side secure victory and another three points. He didn’t seem to be suffering too much after the accident and was pleased with his team’s performance. Arsenal are currently sitting firmly in fourth place of the Premier League and Arteta will be hoping that a second meeting with the Hull side will lead to victory next month; the two teams are due to face each other again in the FA Cup final at Wembley on May 17th.

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