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Anna Paquin removed tongue stud to avoid emergency dentistry


A tongue stud could have led to Anna Paquin seeking emergency dentistry.True Blood star Anna Paquin has revealed she had to take her tongue stud out in a bid to avoid having to have emergency dentistry.

The actress, who has posed in a risqué naked photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine together with Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard, said she had ten piercings altogether.

Although this included her tongue as well as several in her ears and belly button, she revealed her tongue was the wrong shape to accommodate the stud.

“The webbing is too close to the front and the bottom barbell kept hitting against my teeth – clank, clank, clank,” Paquin commented.

After realising the jewellery was giving her a lisp as well as threatening to create a need for emergency dentistry, she said she took it out and let the piercing heal.

Earlier this month, Professor Stephen Porter, institute director at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, said tongue piercings could crack off fillings, cause blocked airways and cause gaps in the teeth.

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